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About Privacy Policy Generator

The legal document for a website or an application is its privacy policy. It includes the company's specifics, perspectives on visitor information, and operational practices. Any website must have a privacy policy, and firms should ensure that it is factual and understandable even to non-technical people. The privacy policy generator tool is a free resource for generating privacy policies for websites, apps, and Facebook pages/apps. In this writing, we are going to talk about the best free privacy policy generator tool that you could work with. 

Why do you need a privacy policy?

A strict privacy policy is crucial for your brand and for developing user interactions, in addition to being mandated by the law. Customers are becoming more concerned about their online privacy and the widespread data collecting. They might not be experts in adtech, but that shouldn't stop them from exercising their rights and simply believing in the websites, apps, and businesses they interact with.

Users can tell that your organization has established procedures to respect and protect their privacy when you are upfront about the data you acquire, how you use it, who has access to it, and how you secure it.

It indicates your respect for the people who give your business their time, data, and money and that you aren't just focused on data strip mining. Building user trust and exhibiting your company's commitment to transparency are both helped by having a privacy policy that is clear, current, and readily available. You could use an accessible privacy policy generator tool to create your website or app guidelines. 

What is a privacy policy generator tool?

The online tool and application known as the "privacy policy generator tool" enable you to create a privacy policy for Facebook pages, mobile apps, and websites. Making key policy documents that comply with COPPA, CalOPPA, and GDPR allows you to save time.

These tools also let you download your privacy statement in text and HTML. You can incorporate generic privacy rules directly into your website using several of these tools.

DigiUnivers Privacy Policy Generator Tool 

We have already established that it is necessary to create privacy policies for your websites. However, most of the privacy policy generators are very difficult to use with the number od steps associated with them. At DigiUnivers we have made the process very easy and freely available for all website or app owners. 

Steps to use DigiUnivers Privacy Policy Generator Tool 

Here we have listed the steps for using the privacy policy generator tool on the DigiUnivers website. 

  • Step 1: Open up the DigiUnivers website using the URL. 
  • Step 2: A search bar is present on the website's home page. Type in ‘privacy policy generator.’
  • Step 3: You will see the privacy policy tool. Click on it. 
  • Step 4: Once you are on the privacy policy generator tool, you will see some boxes where you need to fill in your business details. 
  • Step 5: Now click ‘Submit.’ 
  • Step 6: You will be provided with the privacy policy of your website or app. 


  1. Why do you need a privacy policy for your website? 

It allows you to establish regulations for users of the website for your business.

  1. Is it safe to use DigiUnivers?

Yes, DigiUnivers protects the confidentiality of all its clients. 

  1. Does DigiUnivers have a privacy policy generator tool?

Yes, DigiUnivers has a free privacy policy generator tool for all its users. 


It is highly important it is to have privacy policies for your website or app. Since many nations have laws requiring privacy policies, you should understand the constitutional standards in your home country. Consider it a type of insurance. It is your responsibility to secure the confidentiality of your customers. Utilize an online privacy policy tool, but do the homework and, if necessary, seek legal advice.